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Debra Tuman

Yoga Instructor & Reiki Master


    I, Debra Tuman am a passionate person, one who has deep faith in God, and belief in the possibilities of each person making a difference in our world. I've been married for 31 years and have three grown children. I worked for many years on becoming a strong, content individual who learned deep personal respect and love, to pass on to my husband and my family. Most of my life has been dedicated to raising my children into stable adults.

     By trade, I am an orthodontic assistant full time. Writing is one of my passions and I am able to keep it alive in reporting part time, through an inquiring photographer column for a local newspaper. I enjoy meeting new people each week and allowing them an opportunity to voice their opinions. I feel this personal freedom and expression is an act of expression and growth.

     I took my first yoga class seven years ago and was hooked. Yoga, I learned would have to be a daily part of my life. This practice is truly a philosophy, psychology and religion.. One that allows an understanding of all religion through mind body healing. This is essential to me as each day it produces a new growth of potential. A regular practice for me was enlightening and an opportunity to bring life's lessons into an inner peace and completion, through meditation. I needed to certify because I wanted to guide people into their own journey of healing. This is essentially my goal as an instructor, to enlighten and share the experience I discovered, in an active sense of meditative peace.

     Through my yoga practice, I was introduced to Reiki. This was equally intriguing to me as another channel of healing. I learned, read and practiced doing reiki on family and friends. I took Reiki one and two to certify, and then Maria was my instructor for the reiki master certification. Her experience and guidance was another learning tool to incorporate into a daily practice. I am a dedicated believer who wishes to pass on my experience through love and commitment.

     Finally, I wish to be an instrument of guidance for all beings to realize their potential to heal themselves, by realizing true purpose, mission and acceptance.

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