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Pilates Training


The Pilates method of exercise is designed to stretch, strengthen and balance our physical body. Pilates has proven to be invaluable not only as an exercise form but also as a professional sports training and physical rehabilitation tool. Its methods allow us to safely improve our health without experiencing a negative impact to our bodies.


Professional dancers have known about the benefits of Pilates for many decades. Top athletes use Pilates to stretch and strengthen their bodies while preventing injury. Hollywood’s hottest stars have used Pilates for years to maintain their beautiful physiques.


This innovative method of mind/body conditioning was developed by German-born fitness trainer Joseph Pilates. His vision was to create an exercise form that did not require many repetitions of each exercise. He preferred fewer, more precise movements, requiring proper control and form. He focused on the body’s core to support and strengthen movement, enabling the rest of the body to move more freely. In this way we can build strength without excess bulk, creating a sleek toned body without fatigue.


In Pilates the quality of movement is valued over the quantity of repetitions. Its breath work is essential to helping you execute movements with power and efficiency. Pilates exercises build a strong “CORE” or center of the body. Controlling these deep abdominal muscles along with the muscles that are closest to the spine allow us to be more integrated with our trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle.


The Pilates method teaches body awareness, good posture and easy graceful movement. It improves our flexibility, strength, agility and economy of movement. One precisely executed Pilates session is more valuable than hours spent in a gym and afterwards you will feel invigorated and not exhausted.


General Health Benefits of Pilates Practice

  • Increases Our Mind/Body Awareness

  • Develops a Strong Core, Flat Abs and Stronger Back

  • Gain Long Lean Muscle and Flexibility

  • Creates an Evenly Conditioned Body

  • Teaches Us How to Move More Efficiently

  • Improves Our Posture Through Awareness and Body Conditioning

  • Both the Exercise Form and Breath Work Helps to Relieve Stress

  • Exercises are Gentle and Safe Yet Challenging for the Mind and Body


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